Christofle Paris - Mood Party - Silver Plated 24-Piece Flatware Set with Chest

SKU: B00065599

$ 1,300

Designed for one's informal dining moments, MOOD Party by Christofle is a set featuring cutlery for 6 people for life's sweet & savory moments.

The set includes the following:

6 butter knives
6 small spoons
6 appetizer/dessert forks
6 silver-plated cocktail picks
1 storage capsule

The egg-shaped storage capsule is made of a mirror-polished steel with a walnut base interior.

Christofle shakes up the art of entertaining with a new concept that reflects the current zeitgeist. MOOD Party by Christofle, with its avant-garde vision of convenience and comfort, invites itself to all tables as a promise of sharing and memories

Maintenance - Avoid any dishwashing liquid that contains chlorine, citric acid or lemon scent. Make sure to never use the scratchy side of the sponge and avoid any contact with bleach and rubber gloves.  After washing, if you abhor the sight of traces of water, wipe immediately with a soft cloth.



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